The Royal Oak Inn, Rhandirmwyn

House Sandwich Menu- Lunchtime Only

  • Welsh Beef Steak Baguette £5.25
  • The Sunshine Sandwich- V £5.00 - Humus, Peppers, Olives & Pesto Open Sandwich with Lettuce
  • The Warmer Sandwich £5.25 - Roasted Chorizo & Pepper Open Sandwich with Lettuce, Olives and Tomatoes
  • Rhandir-mwyn Free Range Jumbo Sausage £4.50 - in a Baguette
  • Choose your own sandwich filling(s) - Cheese £2.50 / Ham £2.80 / Tuna mayo £2.70 / Pickle, Onion + 10p ~ Salad +40p ~ Toasted + 30p Extra fillings- £1.00 per filling

    • Side Orders
      • Chips £1.50 / Garlic Bread £2.00 / Mixed Salad £2.00 / Baked Beans £1.00 / Coleslaw £1.50 / Onion Rings £1.50 / Bread Roll & Butter £1.00 Slice of Bread & Butter £0.30

Starters or Lite Bites

  • Mixed Olives in Herbs de Provence V £2.00
  • Ciabatta Bread with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil V £3.50
  • Soup of the Day V £4.00 - Served with a Bread Roll
  • Pate of the Day £5.00 - Served with Toast
  • Pan Fried King Prawns £5.00 - With Chilli Jam and Salad Garnish
  • Starter Platter to Share V £6.50 - Mixed Olives, Ciabatta with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil & Hummus with Pepper and Cucumber Crudités


All served with a choice of Chips, Mash or New Potatoes

  • Roasted Salmon Fillet £8.50 - in Hollandaise Sauce add £2
  • Pan Roasted Chicken Breast £9 - in a Homemade Pink Peppercorn Cream Sauce

    • From the Grill served with Grilled Tomato & Mushrooms
      • 8oz* Welsh Beef Fillet £19
      • 10oz* Welsh Beef Sirloin £16
      • 8oz Venison Haunch Steak £18
      • Mixed Grill £16 - (Sirloin, pork, gammon, lamb chop, liver and butcher’s sausage)
      • Welsh Lamb Loin Chops £13 - in a dry Garlic and Rosemary Marinade extra £1
      • 8oz* Gammon Steak with Free Range Egg or Pineapple £9 - *approx pre cooked weight
      • Sauces: Creamy Pepper, Béarnaise, Chasseur, Creamy Mushroom £2.50

        • See our Specials Board for this week’s Vegetarian options
          We take great care to catch any bones in the fish but we cannot guarantee that any fish dish is bone free.
          Please inform a member of staff about any allergies before you order your food.
          We keep a stock of gluten free rolls or bread.

Hot Puds - Served with Mario’s Award Winning Welsh Ice Cream, Cream or Custard

  • Steamed Strawberry Jam Pudding £4.00
  • Homemade Fruit Crumble £4.00
  • Homemade Chocolate Sponge Pudding £4.00 - With Hot Chocolate Sauce

    • Cold Puds
      • Raspberry Pavlova £4.00
      • Homemade Cheese Cake £4.00
      • 3 Scoops of Raspberry Sorbet £3.00
      • Award Winning Welsh Vanilla Ice Cream (very creamy) £4.00 - With Chocolate, Strawberry or Butterscotch Sauce
      • A Glass of Welsh Lush £5.50
      • Mario’s Welsh Vanilla Ice Cream covered in Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur - Variations- Brandy, Tia Maria, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Kahlua. Cherry Brandy

        • Welsh Cheeses and Biscuits £5.25
          Celtic Coffee made with the Welsh Penderyn Whisky £5.10 Topped with Cwm Farm Double Cream Variations- Brandy, Tia Maria, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Baileys
          • Belgium’s Fruit Beer £3.55
          • Floated Cream Coffee £3.00
          • Cafetiere of Coffee £2.30
          • Cup of Coffee £1.10
          • Cup of Tea £1.10
          • Pot of Tea for 2 £2.50
          • Hot Chocolate £1.10

Take Away Menu

  • Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala £5
  • Homemade Chicken Korma £5
  • Homemade Welsh Lamb Rogan Josh £6
  • Homemade Welsh Beef Madras £6
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken £5
  • Welsh Beef with Fresh Peppers in Black Bean Sauce £6
  • Spicy Szechuan Pork £5
  • Hand Beer Battered Fish of the Day & Chips £8.50
  • Welsh Beef Burger with Chips & Salad £6.50
  • Spicy Bean Burger with Chips & Salad
  • Chips £2
  • Plain White & Wild Rice £2
  • Plain Noodles £2

    • Nothing you fancy? We can usually offer most of our menu as a takeaway. Call to discuss.
      Please note during very busy periods we may not be able to offer our takeaway service at the time you require.

The Little Acorns Menu

Our Mummy and Daddy like us to eat healthily. They also like us to enjoy the same food as grown-ups so we helped them create our own Little Acorns menu using local and Welsh produce whereever they can. This means our menu ishealthy and balanced - with a few treats thrown in! We hope you enjoy mummies cooking. Love from Daisy and Alfie xxxx
Starters £1.95
4 King Prawns in Garlic Butter with Salad
Hummas Pot with Fresh Pepper and Cucumber Dippers V
2 Slices of Cheesy Garlic Bread V
Mains £4.50
2oz * of Welsh Fillet of Beef Steak with mash and Peas (£1.50 suppliment)
Welsh Leg of Lamb Steak with Mash and Peas
Homemade Mild Chicken Curry with Rice
Homemade Wholewheat Spagetti Bolognaise with Cheddar Cheese
Homemade Wholewheat Tomato Penne with Cheddar Cheese V
Welsh Beef Burger in a Bun with Salad and Chips
Butchers Sausage with Mash, Peas and Gravy
Salmon Fillet with New Potatoes and Peas
plus any dishes on the Specials Board marked LA (Little Acorns) means we can offer a small portion
We take great care to catch any bones in the fish but we cannot guarantee that every dish is bone free.
Please inform a member of staff about any allergies before you order your food.
* Aproximate pre-cooked weight.
Puddings £1.95
2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream with Sauce
Ice Cream Milkshake - Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate
Frozen Fruit Smoothie - No added Sugar
Banana and Custard